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Topics I'm Available to Speak On

  • The Four Keys To Positive Change: Unlocking The Door To Your Success

    Did you know there's a simple formula for change? Once you know the formula and use it correctly you unlock the ability to succeed at anything. In this talk I share a little bit about my own journey using these four essential keys for success, and how they changed my life, along with practical, sustainable ways anyone can use them to accomplish any goal.

  • What Is Coaching?

    Coaching is a fairly new profession and is largely unregulated. I help clarify what coaching really is and share some of the research around it's positive effects on individuals and organizations. I also help clarify what to look for when searching for a well-trained and skillful coach in a mostly uneducated and unskilled crowd.

  • The Essential Relationship With The Self

    In this talk i help clarify the differences between self-love and narcissism and share why a good relationship with the self is the foundation to creating any sustainable goal.

  • Happiness: Raising Your Baseline State of Joy

    In this talk i share some of the secondary research I have conducted in the last decade regarding the intentional activities that raise happiness levels in human beings. I also share ways that we can incorporate them into today's world.

  • Boundaries For Life

    In this talk I share why strong boundaries in relationships and our own activities are essential to everyone. We also discuss the mysterious and often treacherous arena of how to create those boundaries in a way that is productive, resourceful and sustainable.

  • Hollywood is a Mirror

    The entertainment industry is a reflection of what is happening in the world, and a statement of our evolution, positive and negative. A frank discussion on what the trends tell us about us.

  • Demystifying ICF Certification (for ICF Chapters)

    An important question for many new and experienced coaches is whether or not to get an ICF credential. Is it worth the time and expense, and who really cares about a credential anyway? For this program I help your ICF membership gain some more clarity. I talk about: • What certification means • Whether it is important to our potential clients • What the numerous ICF Certification pathways are • What training, knowledge and documentation are required to travel down each path There is also a Q&A discussion.


"(This was) a life-changing, transformational experience. Justina brings an authenticity that speaks directly to the heart and she is a dynamic presenter... Many doors have opened for me!"

Heather L. Campbell
Heather L. Campbell,
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