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The Process

What is The Process?

Had enough? Tired of the anxiety? Ready to stop limiting behaviors? Struggling with unresolved grief?  Break free... and make it last.

Hello, I am Justina Vail Evans, and my speciality is working with people who have looked for help in a lot of other places and had little or no relief. Many of my clients come to me with anxiety/panic attacks, unresolved grief, or weight issues and, through my unique set of skills and experience, have found great relief.


Why has this been happening?

You may have asked what is wrong with me? why can't I just get a grip? First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with you. At some point, an event or a series of events happened. Those events may have been life-changing or completely neutral, and either way they affected you. Its like having "anchors" installed in your system. The idea is to UN-install those anchors so you can become the naturally healthy, happy and balanced person you are meant to be!


The Solution

You may have found talking about your issue with friends, family or therapists may have been somewhat helpful, or even not helpful at all. You may have tried to be "logical" and talk yourself out of your grief, anxiety, or self-sabotaging behaviors, and had little or no relief. That's because the issue is not in your logical mind, it is in your heart (emotional body) and your subconscious mind. 


I work directly with the whole system to help you have a different relationship with yourself which, in turn, can make the world a better, more fulfilling place to be. 


Part 1: The first step is to establish what exactly has been happening for you. You get clear about the reality of your situation and how it has impacted you and your life.


Part 2: We then explore what you would like to have instead; how you want to feel and respond internally and what you want your situational changes to be. It is often easier to know what we don't want, yet we can only create a life that we have envisioned. This step is a powerful start to making your life feel and look the way you want it to.


Part 3: At the same time, I help you find out what has been getting in your way. Those subconscious blocks are the golden nuggets to your happiness—as soon as you have discovered the obstacles or unfinished business is inside you, you will be more able to let them go. One thing that will be different than other approaches, is, rather than fighting your issues, we use the information to empower you. Together we find ways to create harmony, transforming limiting triggers and using them to signal your system to have resourceful, positive responses instead.


Part 4: Along the way, you create new, resourceful actions and behaviors that make your life peaceful, calm and happy. There are ways to do this that bypass the logical mind and go straight to the core of the anxiety, unresolved feelings or limiting behaviors. 


Happy Clients

“This opportunity presented itself at a critical time. Therapy wasn’t helping me really deal with (my issues)... I felt stuck. The program is excellent, and Justina created a safe, supportive environment to open up, do the work, and move forward with knowledge and new tools. I’m so grateful for the experience.”


"...Everything I learned is so easy, fun and realistic. Thank you! ... Your words, methods, beliefs and teachings have helped me in my daily life. I would find myself praying and asking for some peace. You have given me some peace. Thank you many times! I am truly happier and brimming with excitement...!!!"

Candice Griego
Candice Griego,
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